Apple and Pork Pats Recipe

Apple and Pork Pats

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200g lean pork mince
1 apple
100ml hot vegetable stock
some cornflour
bit of oregano
bit of thyme
1 tbsp sage
1 tsp cinnamon
some lemon zest
1 small egg, beaten
some flour
half a red onion, chopped

How to make Apple and Pork Pats

1) Chop the apple into 10 wedges.
2) Mush two of the wedges and mix with the mince, herbs and zest.
3) Add some of the egg into the mixture, with a bit flour if it gets too sticky.
4) Make 8 balls out of the mixture.
5) Fry the balls over a low heat, turning them frequently to make sure they don't burn.
6) Mix a bit of cornflour into the stock and add to the pan.
7) Add the onions and apple wedges and leave to simmer until everything is piping hot.
8) Serve with cheesy mash!

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