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  • wanderlust130

    Arabic Empanadas 1. Place chopped beef into a bowl 2. Dice onions and tomatoes, and add to the bowl 3. Juice two lemons and add it to the bowl with the other ingredients 4. Salt generously 5. Cover and allow to rest while the lemon juice and salt work together to "cook" the mixture 6. Fill the empanadas so that they maintain their triangular shape and remain open in the upper part 7. Stick in a very hot oven, and they are ready! Enjoy! (I hope that helps... There are no specific amounts listed for ingredients or cooking times, or suggestions for the dough) Beautiful site!

    on Empanadas Árabes
  • elena

    me alegro mucho de encontrar algún hispanohablante por aquí. y encima con esta riquísima receta saludos

    on Garrapiñadas
  • Mauro

    Ojalá puedas conseguir ese corte de carne porque es éxquisito. Saludos y gracias por comentar.

    on Bife de chorizo al roquefort
  • zezepina

    Olá Mauro, gostei da receita vou tentar reproduzi-la, embora por aqui São Paulo-BR) o bife de chorizo seja mais díficil de ser encontrado.

    on Bife de chorizo al roquefort
  • Thayer

    * 2 starch cups of mandioca * 2 eggs * 1/2 milk cup * Several 300 cheeses gr. or but. * 1 spoonful of butter or oil. * salt, lots! I say salt is pleasure Chipas is flour rolls of mandioca, own of the Paraguayan gastronomy. These chipas are consumed in the North zone of Argentina, in the provinces of Formosa, Currents, Chaco and Misiones. In addition to some zones of Brazil. 1º Before nothing we pledge the furnace so that the heat raises soon and when lowering, we have doraritas ours chipas. 2º Colocamos the starch in the pulled one formed a crown. We placed the ingredients and we mixed until obtaining a homogenous mace. 3º Once obtained the homogenous mace. We added tooodo the cheese that we pruned and we mixed. 4º Enmantecamos a source to put to the furnace. 5º Immediately afterwards and without but introduction we make small balls but even possible as far as size and we ordered them in the source. The idea that they are equal is so that they have the same time...

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