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  • Mozzy

    Hi Bizinbluejeans!! yes, indeed, the almond powder refers to finely ground almonds. I usually buy them already ground, because it is not that easy to do itat home and to achieve such a fine powder. You should put the figure in the marzipan filling, so when you roll the dough it will be inside the marzipan. I normally wrap it with kitchen foil. I am also going to bake one myself this weekend. In fact it the "3 kings day" is today but since here it is not a holiday (it is in my country) I have to wait a couple of days. I hope that you like it!

    on "Tortell de reis" (king's cake)
  • bizinbluejeans

    Mozzy- I'm super-excited to make this for my Uruguayan hubby this week, but can you answer a couple of questions? 1) Is "almond powder" finely ground almonds? That is, can I make this at home? 2) When do I put the little figurine/surprise and bean into the cake? Thanks!

    on "Tortell de reis" (king's cake)