Tamales Recipe


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Tamales Dough and Assembly

8 oz masa harina ( I used the suggested Maseca brand )
2 tsps baking powder
1 tsp salt
1/3 cup olive and corn oil combination
1 1/2 cups broth ( chicken, beef or combination )
dried corn husks
meat filling ( any chicken or beef enchilada filling will do )

Chicken Filling:
chicken breast, cooked, chopped or flaked
garlic, minced
onion, sliced
green onions, sliced
chopped cilantro leaves
lime juice
southwestern seasoning
salsa or enchilada sauce
salt & pepper to taste


How to make Tamales

Measure or weigh the cornflour into a big bowl. Add baking powder, salt and mix well. Slowly stir in oil and broth until the mixture turns into a smooth & soft dough. The masa or dough is ready at this stage. Any meat filling like those for enchiladas will do. Wash the corn husks well and place them in a deep tray. A 9 x 13 baking pan works great. Slowly pour boiling water over the husks and let them soften and become pliable for a few minutes. To assemble the tamales, lay two husks together with pointed ends on opposite direction. Let the wide middle parts of the husks overlap about 4 - 5 inches wide. Spoon about 1/4 cup of tamales dough into the overlapping portion and spread out thin. Spoon about two teaspoons of the filling and close, folding and bringing the pointed ends towards the center. Tie with a strip of corn husk. After all the assembly is done, arrange the tamales side by side in a steamer & steam them for one hour.

For Chicken Filling:
Saute onions and garlic for a few minutes. Add the cooked shredded chicken, seasonings, lime juice, sauces and a little chicken broth for flavor or add bouillon cube instead. Stir together until filling is all mixed and hot. Transfer to a bowl or plate and set aside until it cools off. Sprinkle and mix grated cheese before using filling. The flavors are very Southwestern and any combination preferred may be used.

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