a minty fresh refreshment Recipe

a minty fresh refreshment

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brewed and chilled tea
mint leaves
1 peach


How to make a minty fresh refreshment

For more info see - http://www.cooking4carnivores.com/2009/06/as-you-may-know-carnivore-and-i-planted.html

First I made a big batch of regular iced tea to start. And, as I am a sucker for all things peach and have just found a few that are ripe enough at the market, I picked up a few. I peeled and chopped them up. I also gathered some mint and chopped it up. I placed the mint and peach pieces in the glass. I topped them with ice and a splenda (I am southern girl girl after all and the sweeter the better). I poured the tea on top and stirred.

It was wonderful, but the mint kept getting in my mouth. So, here is what I have learned...keep the mint leaves in tack. Bruise them a little and place them at the bottom of the glass. This seems to work better and the drink is just as refreshing.

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