Pasta Delight - Stuffed Lumaconi Pasta Bake Recipe

Pasta Delight - Stuffed Lumaconi Pasta Bake

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  • Lumaconi pasta shells (which you stuff with the following filling)


  • Big knob of butter

  • Red onion / finely chopped

Red sauce

  • Several big red tomatoes / Skinned and chopped

  • Roasted red peppers (which you can get in oil in a jar in all good supermarkets) / chopped

  • Red onion / finely chopped

  • Sprinkle of dried basil

Cheese sauce

  • Big knob of butter

  • 1 table spoon of flour

  • Big glug of milk

  • Handful of grated cheddar cheese

  • Some grated parmesan cheese to sprinkle on top

How to make Pasta Delight - Stuffed Lumaconi Pasta Bake

This recipe came from my friend's mum ( Thanks Mrs Percy ), and like all recipes that come from tastes F-ing great!!!111

  1. Sweat all the red onions in butter in a pan VERY SLOWLY, for about 20-30 min until soft.

  2. Whilst the onion is cooking, par boil the lumaconi pasta in boiling water for about 6 minutes, drain and put to the side.

  3. Make the cheese sauce by first melting the butter in sauce pan, add flour and stir vigorously for a moment, add milk to the resulting paste while stirring, then add the cheese gradually to the mix. When all cheese is added and melted, remove from heat and put to one side.

  4. When the onions are done, put around 2/3 in a bowl and to the side, leave the remaining 1/3 in the pan. Add the tomatoes, pepper and basil for the red sauce, mix and continue cooking slowly on low heat.

  5. While the red sauce is cooking, stuff the lumaconi with the 2/3 of red onion in the bowl and place in a croiset or casserole dish, until it covers the whole bottom of the dish at about one shell thick.

  6. When finished, you can puree the red sauce if you desire, and pour over the pasta in swirls.

  7. Pour the cheese sauce ontop and grate over with Parmasan cheese. Place in the oven for about 20 min at 200 degrees.

  8. ENJOY!

For meat eaters, try adding bacon to the filling.... simply dice and fry the bacon and mix with the red onion before stuffing the pasta!

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    I had to google Lumaconi...does that make me a n00b? :(

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    This looks and sounds seriously delicious.

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    Looks delicious! I just got to try and make this myself!

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