Gamja Jorim (감자 조림) Recipe

Gamja Jorim (감자 조림)

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<!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> Normal 0 </xml>3 medium potatoes (about 2-3 cups when cut)
1 carrot (julienned)
1 bell pepper (cut into long thin strips, any color)
1 onion (cut into long thin strips)
3 tablespoons soy sauce
2 tablespoons sugar
1 clove garlic, finely minced
1 tablespoon rice vinegar
½ cup water
Sesame oil
1 teaspoon sesame seeds
(Optional) Spicy pepper flakes can be added for a little kick!

How to make Gamja Jorim (감자 조림)

<!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> Normal 0 </xml>I love banchan (반찬), the side dishes that come with Korean meals, and this is a favorite among the many many kinds of banchan: Gamja Jorim (감자 조림) aka Glazed Potatoes.

1) Peel and cut potatoes into about 1½-inch chunks
2) In a frying pan, add some sesame oil over medium to med-high heat and watch so doesn’t burn
3) Add chopped potatoes; cook and stir until starting to brown (4-5 minutes)
4) Add carrots and onions; cook and stir (4-5 minutes)
5) Add soy sauce, sugar, garlic, rice vinegar, water; stir, cover pot with lid and reduce heat (7-8 minutes)
6) Remove cover, check to see that sauce thickens just cover bottom of pan
7) Add bell peppers and stir until peppers are just wilted but brightly colored (2-3 minutes)
8) Serve garnish with sesame seeds hot or cold

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