Gourmet Bacon Wrapped Hotdog, in the Microwave Recipe

Gourmet Bacon Wrapped Hotdog, in the Microwave

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Beef Hot Dogs, size isn't important
Uncooked Bacon

How to make Gourmet Bacon Wrapped Hotdog, in the Microwave

First, take your bacon and wrap the hotdog like in the picture below.  Depending on the size of the hotdog, you may need two pieces.  A regular sized hotdog should be fine with one, but the jumbo ones we used require two pieces of bacon.  Place on a microwavable plate with a few pieces of paper towel underneath to absorb the grease.

Wrap the top of the hotdog with more paper towel.  Then put it into the microwave on high for ~4 minutes.

The bacon will still look a bit undercoooked, but it is more or less just because it is microwaved.  Most bacon takes 3 minutes to fully cook in a microwave, so we use 4 minutes total to account for the heat used to cook the hotdog.

The final result is a well done hotdog.  The flavor is great, but the meat ends up a bit tough.  Somewhat similar to a slim jim in toughness.

This could be amazing on a grill, but the microwave will do if its all you have.  Dorm room cooking at its finest.

Recipe looks best in its original form, from the website below. Pics Included


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