easy no fry yummy chicken strips Recipe

easy no fry yummy chicken strips

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chicken breast strips



olive oil

How to make easy no fry yummy chicken strips

1... pound the chicken flat to about 1/4"

2... cover in a mixture of flour and pepper

3... heat thin layer or oil and add chicken till browned


  • saber667
    saber667 says

    How is this "no fry" if you are cooking them in oil?

  • japzkyootipie
    japzkyootipie says

    well just because you use oil, doesnt mean your frying right? i guess i should call it, non DEEP frying chicken.

  • Carol0813
    Carol0813 says

    I believe this is sauteed rather than fried. It's a simple recipe that sounds quite good. BTW, the term is "voila", a French term for "a HA"!

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