Two Days Before Payday Pasta Recipe

Two Days Before Payday Pasta

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Pasta of your choice.

Pasta sauce leftovers.

Salad dressing.



Seasonings, sunflower seeds, cheetos, bacon bits, etc for flavor

How to make Two Days Before Payday Pasta

I boiled half of a 16oz. bag of HEB Garden Shells for 14 minutes, until the texture was right for me.

It cooked to make two bowls full of pasta.

To one of them I added the last 1/4 cup of canned alfredo, which I preheated by microwaving it with a good dash of the Italian seasoning for flavor.

The other bowl got about an 1/8 cup of the poppyseed dressing, a whole diced roma tomato, some diced cucumber, and a healthy portion of toasted sunflower seeds from whole foods.

I call it, two days before payday pasta.


Question from the Chef

“Where does chocolate milk come from? Chocolate cows?”

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