Spam Noodle Bowl Recipe

Spam Noodle Bowl

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2 Cups Rice
2 Packages of Beef Flavor Ramen Noodles
1/3 Can of SPAM

Your favorite vegetables

How to make Spam Noodle Bowl

This is a great starving-student recipie. I love it since it has the taste of a great noodle bowl, but is easy on the wallet. I assume you know how to make rice. Have some ready before you make this to go with it.

  1. Cube the 1/3 can of SPAM. Cubes here should be a little larger, I like ~1.5 - 2cm cubes. Fry spam until edges are darker brown or outsides are slightly crispy.
  2. Use the seasoning packet from one Ramen Noodle pack to season your SPAM. Set SPAM aside.
  3. Put two cups of water into the frying pan, add both packets of crushed Ramen noodles to the water. (Side note: I add my veggies here, since I use california-style frozen veggies here. To use fresh, steam your veggies and add them when the noodles are done.)
  4. Once noodles are cooked, drain any remaining water.
  5. Season noodles with the remaining Ramen seasoning packet.
  6. Add the SPAM to the noodle mix, and add your veggies as well if they were steamed separate. Mix them together, and make sure it is entirely warmed through.
  7. Put with rice in bowl. Enjoy!

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