Chicken soya bean nugget Recipe

Chicken soya bean nugget

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1 boneless chicken breast-minced
1/2 cup soya bean- soaked 5 hours
1   1/2 cup water
salt and pepper
1 egg

Oil for deep frying or
margarine for shallow frying

How to make Chicken soya bean nugget

1. Blend water with soya bean till fine, Squeeze out the juice and save for drinking (just strain it into a pot and boil and add some sugar)
2.As for the soya bean husk, add to the chicken meat and rest of ingredients till well mixed.
3, heat a pan with 2 cups oil if you wish to deep fry , till golden brown over low heat, and if you want a shallow frying heat 2 tbsp margarine or butter and fry golden on both side over low heat.
4, Drain well.

if you dont have soya beans you can replace for bread crumbs.

Question from the Chef

“What do you think of making your own chicken nugget in a healthy way?”

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