German swiss roll Recipe

German swiss roll

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30gm butter

20gm almond paste
3 egg yolks
1 tsp instant coffee
1 tbsp hot water
2 egg white
40 gm sugar

Sifted ingredients:
40gm flour
20gm cornflour
pinch salt

100gm butter
30gm praline or icing sugar

fine sugar for dusting

How to make German swiss roll

1. Heat the butter to melt and scoop out the foam . leave to cool at 60 C.
2.Add yolks to almond paste and whisk till thicken. Dissolve coffee in hot water and add to yolk mixture.
3. Whisk egg white till frothy and add sugar little at a time and beat till thicken. Add half portion to yolk mixture and stir. Add sifted flours , mix well, Add remain white and mix again.
4. Add the butter which been melted earlier. mix well and pour into a prepared tray lined with greased-proof paper.
5. Bake in the oven at 200 C for 7 mins. Remove cake and cut in half.. Meantime, Cream the butter and add the praline. or icing sugar . Spread over cakes and roll up tight and neat ,using a paper to help you.
6. Dusting some fine sugar on top . Using an hot iron rod, mark 2 lines on the swiss roll.
7. Slice 1/2 " thick to serve.

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Question from the Chef

“What's your favourite swiss roll?”

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