Mint layered cake Recipe

Mint layered cake

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Mixture A:
20 egg whites
200gm caster sugar
200 gm flour
1 -1/2 tbsp ovalette

Mixture B:
200 gm butter
4 tbsp condense milk

few drops of mint essence flavour
few drops of purple colouring

How to make Mint layered cake

1. Cream mixture A tillĀ  light and thicken.
2. Cream mixture B till light and thicken.
3. Mix the two batter together and add mint essence flavour.
4. Divide into 2 parts. (a) colour purple. (b) leave it plain.
5.Prepare a cake tin of 8 -1/2 " X 8-1/2" X 4" with a greased-proof paper. Add about 5 spoon of plain batter into the tin and bake at 250 C at top grill for 3 mins. Using a zig-zag tin cover press down the cook cake to make the zig zag make on the cake.
6. Repeat the same for the purple batter in the same manner and alternately colours till finish.
7. For the last layer, use both heat in the oven and bake at 180 C for 5 mins.
8. Cool cake in tin.

Question from the Chef

“what do you think of cake with different?”

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