Sambal prawns Recipe

Sambal prawns

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300 gm fresh prawns-shelled

Ingredients to be blended:
10 small red onions
6 -8 dried chilly= soaked
3 pips garlic
2 tbsp dried prawns
2 tbsp dried anchovies
1" piece belacan or prawns paste.roasted

1 french onion-sliced
1 lemon grass - crushed
2 tbsp tamarind-extract juice with 1 cup water.

How to make Sambal prawns

1. Pour tamarind juice to blended ingredients and blend till fine.
2. Saute french onion and lemon grass in 4 tbsp oil . Then add the blended mixture and fry till aroma.
3. Add in the fresh prawns and stir till cook. season with 1 tbsp sugarĀ  and pinch salt.Serve on grated mango and cucumber.

this recipe is also nice on Nasi lemak

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