sweet sour layered cake Recipe

sweet sour layered cake

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Ingredients A:
20 egg yolks
5 egg whites
200 gm fine sugar
150gm Hong Kong flour
1 tbsp ovalette

ingredients B:
350 gm butter
2 tbsp condense milk

ingredient C:
1 pkt haw flakes
100gm red cherries
100gm green cherries
1 tsp strawberry paste
1 tsp chocolate paste
1 tsp pandan paste

How to make sweet sour layered cake

1. Cream A till thicken, leave aside.
2 , Cream B till light and thicken.
3. Mix A and B well.
4. Divide 3 parts:
(a) add pandan paste
(b) add strawberry paste
(c) add chocolate paste
5. Prepare cake tin 8 -1/2 " X 8-1/2" X 4" with greased-proof paper. Spoon a thin batter of pandan flavour in tin and level evenly. Bake in a preheated oven 250 C on the top heat only for 3 mins.
6. Arrange cherries and hawfake. Spoon again the pandan flavour over cherriesĀ  and hawflakes. Repeat process till finished. continue with the strawberry batter.
7. Repeat the same process with the strawberry and chocolate flavour. Repeat about 4 layers each colour.
8. For the last layer , bake for 5 mins in a moderate oven 180 C. Cool cake in tin .

Question from the Chef

“How well do you know our malaysia?”

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