Thai Mango Salad Recipe

Thai Mango Salad

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2 ripe mango- shredded
1 red onion- sliced
1 red chilly-pounded
1 garlic -pounded
2 tbsp fish sauce
1 tbsp sugar

for garnish:
some fried anchovies
1 sprig coriander leaves- chopped
1 tbsp crushed peanuts
2 salad leaves


How to make Thai Mango Salad

1.Mix mango with fish sauce and sugar, then arrange on plate with salad at the bottom.
2 Top with garnish. Serve 4.
Question from the Chef

“what you can do with mango in salad?”

  • skoch
    skoch says

    I love to combine Mango with chili king prawns. Thanks for great recipe!

  • marianne49
    marianne49 says

    well , that would delicious with king prawns, since its not in season so i add anchovies instead....

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