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  • haideetiffen

    WOW! thats a really crunchy and spicy this is my favourite dish kimi pasta hmhmmmmmmmm.......... http://ezinearticles.com/?Bowtrol-Colon-Cleanse-Review---Does-Bowtrol-Cleanse-Work?&id=2926555

    on Kimchi Pasta
  • abhifx

    steamed egg?! thats a new one for me. got to try it. btw very artistic profile pic you have. very nice

    on Steamed Eggs
  • raechang

    i made this haphazardly but thanks for the tips guys!

    on Steamed Eggs
  • Chengaleng

    No, that looks delicious, you've inspired me to do one soon! Another way we've done it (when we didn't have a steamer) was in the oven in a bain marie and left it for an hour and a half. Beautifully smooth.

    on Steamed Eggs
  • theory

    I've always found that the secret with these kinds of savoury steamed egg dishes is to steam on low heat. Too fast and you don't get that beautiful silky texture.

    on Steamed Eggs

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