Pork Adobo (Stewed Pork) Recipe

Pork Adobo (Stewed Pork)

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2 lbs fresh side pork, cut about half an inch thick  

1/2 cup of soy sauce

1/2 cup of white vinegar

1/4 cup brown sugar or more according to taste

1/4 tsp ground black pepper

1/2 tsp whole black pepper

1 small onion, cut in 4

2 cloves of garlic, cut in half

1 bay leaf

2 boiled eggs or more if desired 

1/2 a cup of water  

How to make Pork Adobo (Stewed Pork)

This is a Filipino dish that's very easy to do. We love eating this with rice and steamed vegetables. Enjoy!



Mix all the ingredients except the boiled eggs and the water. Marinate the pork for 20 minutes.


Put the pork mixture with half a cup of water in a pressure cooker and cook for 25 minutes in a medium heat. 


After 25 minutes, check if the pork is already tender. Taste, add more peppers or sugar if needed.


Cover the pressure cooker using another lid, cook for another 5 minutes for the sauce to thicken a bit and the pork a little bit soft.


Carefully remove the excess fat.


Cut the eggs and serve it with the pork.



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