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  • byGilles

    I have tried this combination of rice and chestnut.It was okay I did not like the taste of chestnut.

    on Japanese rice with chestnut
  • byGilles

    Tofu is very healthy.And to use it this way makes it more tasty.It really tastes great

    on Soft tofu with dried shrimp roe
  • byGilles

    Yes a very yummy way to use apple .This apple brioche really tastes good.The best part is it can be easily prepared and tasty to eat.

    on Apple brioche
  • byGilles

    I have prepared this pickle and let me see how it tastes I will be able to tell tomorrow .If it tastes good I am surely going to prepare more I love pickles.

    on Thai style pickles
  • byGilles

    Since morning I have tried a pancake and muffin .This muffin with blue berries really tastes great .Raspberry used in this way is really great.

    on Mini Raspberry muffins