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  • byGilles

    Tofu is very healthy.And to use it this way makes it more tasty.It really tastes great

    on Soft tofu with dried shrimp roe
  • byGilles

    Yes a very yummy way to use apple .This apple brioche really tastes good.The best part is it can be easily prepared and tasty to eat.

    on Apple brioche
  • byGilles

    I have prepared this pickle and let me see how it tastes I will be able to tell tomorrow .If it tastes good I am surely going to prepare more I love pickles.

    on Thai style pickles
  • byGilles

    Since morning I have tried a pancake and muffin .This muffin with blue berries really tastes great .Raspberry used in this way is really great.

    on Mini Raspberry muffins
  • byGilles

    This dish really looks yummy beetroot is very healthy food as it increases hemoglobin so with this attractive way of preparation it will be enjoyed by everyone.Thanks for the receipe.

    on Beetroot Mille-Feuille