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  • slow75

    looks very yummy

    on Beetroot Mille-Feuille
  • ngoat55

    I have been doing some juicing, and had some kale pulp left over, and decided to try a version of your recipe - turned out very nicely! I substituted some alternative flours: barley, brown rice and grainary bread, along with a bit of self raising wholemeal. I fortified the mix with milled chia, oatbran and milled seeds and goji berries, and added a bit of bicarb to help with the rise. Also I substituted light grated mature cheddar for the feta, simply because I didn't have any feta on hand. The basic recipe is so good it withstood all the substitutions and came out really well. Thank you, Paula!

    on Feta & Spinach muffins
  • Travis1972

    I ended up just putting the rice in the miso as I was simmering it.

    on Miso braised daikon radish
  • Travis1972

    Hello. I am wondering what 1 tablespoon of rice adds to this recipe. Does it change the flavour of the daikon slightly?

    on Miso braised daikon radish
  • Paula

    Sorry, I remember I wanted to use some left over cottage cheese so it wasn`t much, just 100-130 grams.

    on Peach and cottage cheese cake