English cream tea...with a difference Recipe

English cream tea...with a difference

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Brioche , either a loaf or individual buns

Icing sugar for dusting

Selection of fresh berries - Strawberries, raspberries ,redcurrants ,blackcurrants, blackberries,cherries.

A tub of creme fraiche

mint leaves to garnish

How to make English cream tea...with a difference

Here`s my version of the classic English cream tea Scones with clotted cream and jam.Its a little healthier...but not much.It does taste fabulous though with lots of sweet and tangy flavours working perfectly well together and it also won me a £3000 worth of supermarket vouchers when i came runner up in the "family cook of the year" competition on ITV`s Richard and Judy show ( not one to name drop ha ha)

So start off by preparing the brioche.You can use slices of the loaf and cut a little lid in the top or you can use individual buns , cut the tops off, scoop a little filling out then dust them with lots of icing sugar and caramelise them under a hot grill.Then allow them to cool so you have your little container for the filling.

Keep an amount of fresh berries to one side for decoration and filling the buns and them blitz the rest in a blender with some lemon juice and caster sugar to make a puree.Pass through a sieve and set aside.

To Serve

Place the brioche on the serving plate and fill with the assorted berries.Let some fall out on to the plate attractively.

Top with the summerfruit sauce and also allow some of this to run onto the plate...neatly

place a lovely neat scoop or quenelle ( moulded between 2 spoons) of Creme fraiche on top of the berries inside the brioche

Top with the caramelised brioche lid and garnish with a julienne of mint.


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    Beautiful! Your presentations are amazing.

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