Spicy BBQ Burger Recipe

Spicy BBQ Burger

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  1. Ground Chuck
  2. Salt N Pepper
  3. Pablano Pepper
  4. Provolone Cheese
  5. Bun
  6. BBQ Sauce

How to make Spicy BBQ Burger

  1. Loosely pack chuck into patties
  2. Cover top and bottom with generous amounts of Salt N Pepper
  3. Heat the grill
  4. Place patties over heat for about 10 minutes moving around on heat
  5. When burgers are about 1/2 way done put Pablano on section with medium heat to blacken the skin a bit.
  6. Toast buns on grill
  7. When burger is close put provolone cheese on burger to melt
  8. Once cheese is melted pull off burger off and pepper off.
  9. Chop the pepper in 1/2 remove seeds then slice. Top the patty.
  10. Put BBQ sauce on top and bottom bun.
  11. ENJOY!

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