Filled StrawBerry & Chocolate Bruschetta Recipe

Filled StrawBerry & Chocolate Bruschetta

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70 % cacao chocolate

Mascarpone cheese

Grand Marnier orange liqour

Pecan Nuts

White Sugar

How to make Filled StrawBerry & Chocolate Bruschetta

1.wash and disinfect the stawberries

2.cut the top of the strawberry without loosing the leaves, cut the heart out and fill with the cheese mixture.

3.mix the mascarpone cheese and grand marnier and the sugar.

4.blend the cheese filling until getting the desired point and add the Pecan.

5. Using  Ban Marie  melt the chocolate  and   cover the strawberries with the melted chocolate.


use some peppermint leaves for decoration

  • Jaylene
    Jaylene says

    ymmy! =)

  • laureen
    laureen says

    deliciouss.... strawberrys.... i already tasted and wow.!!! congratss.!!!

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