Chicken Wrap Recipe

Chicken Wrap

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  • Chicken (one piece of leftover drumstick, leg, breast, or whatever from last night's BBQ.)
  • Knife
  • Butcher knife / cleaver
  • Garlic (one clove)
  • Tortilla wrap / flatbread
  • Lettuce (one blade, cut into pieces the size of a Compact Flash card)
  • Frying pan
  • Oil
  • Soya sauce, teriyaki sauce, or whatever sauce you like.

How to make Chicken Wrap

  1. Cut up chicken into pieces. Remove skin, fat, bones.
  2. Add chicken to frying pan with oil on medium-high heat. Remove from heat source when brown. Add chicken pieces onto a flatbread.
  3. Chop up one clove of garlic into tiny pieces. Brown for a few seconds.
  4. Add garlic to chicken.
  5. Wash and cut lettuce into Compact Flash Card-sized pieces. Add about 7 pieces.
  6. Add other things like celery leaves, swiss cheese bits, mushrooms, grated cheese, grated carrots, anything you can think of :D
  7. Fold it up (may be hard if you've never done it before...but find ways to fold it so that nothing falls out...hint: fold the bottom to create a "pocket").
  8. Enjoy!

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