Spinach pasta with shrimps and bacon Recipe

Spinach pasta with shrimps and bacon

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  1. A handful of shrimps with shells. "They taste sweeter"

  2. 3 Slices of bacon.

  3. A bunch of leek stalks.

  4. A handful of spinach pasta.

How to make Spinach pasta with shrimps and bacon

Step 1.

Boil the spinach pasta in the pot. When finished, strain it from the water and put it on the side.

Step 2.

Chop the bacon and add them on the pan. Let them fry meanwhile you´re peeling off the shells from the shrimps and chopping the leeks. Add then the shrimps and the leeks on the pan together with the bacon. Let them fry together till you see the shrimps are shrinked.

Step 3.

Add then the spinach pasta on the pan and let them stir all together. Add some salt and black pepper after your taste.

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