Sumatran Style Espresso Recipe

Sumatran Style Espresso

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-2 teaspoon of condensed milk

-1 shot of espresso

-last but not least, espresso machine

How to make Sumatran Style Espresso

Make sure espresso machine turned on and properly heated to extract perfect espresso shot.

Put 2 teaspoon condensed milk on a preheated latte glass

extract the espresso shot directly to the glass

2 ways to to enjoy it

  1. you can mix the shot with the condensed milk with a teaspoon or

  2. you can drink it straight to enjoy the sweetness gradually as you reach the bottom.

  • worldpeas
    worldpeas says

    very cool illusion there

  • sanghino
    sanghino says

    The use of "espresso" word is not correct. Espresso is a particular coffee, espresso is an ingredient of your food creation, not finaly product. Regards

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