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  • virtualhuman

    Hi!! They look very yummy!How about sharing the recipe of the pastry and the filling with we all? Thanks in advance if you will do it!!and many greetings from Italy!

    on Empanadas
  • JordanC

    I'm not Gordon Ramsay's twin, but that looks disconcertingly similar to vomit :/

    on Espinacas Gratinadas con Piñones
  • elena

    ole qué pedazo de plato!!

    on Espinacas Gratinadas con Piñones
  • Pochita

    MMM...como ves me porte bien y te doy un 8,5 hasta que lo pruebe y pueda darte un 10! jejejeje

    on Arroz con Mariscos (Seafood Rice)
  • lonchbox

    The cilantro is the most important part but don´t forget the Sunflower oil at the end, put it on each one bowl. And if when you are makin´the take a lager-beer take a drink and give a drink on the ceviche, this when you have been put it all the things and then take you another drink :D. No to much people do it but is really good make some popcorn and let the people take some on his bowls, is wierd but give a fun taste. Don´t forget the Patacones ;)

    on Ceviche de Gambas