Beef rendang Recipe

Beef rendang

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600 gm beef- cut into 1" cube
1.2 liter coconut milk

pounded ingredients:
4 clove garlic
1  1/2 " ginger
1  1/2"  galangal
2 stalk lemon grass
12 dried chillies
10 red onions

Ingredients to add last:
1/2 grated coconut- fry till brown - grind to paste
1 turmeric leaf- sliced
2 pieces dried asam keping (tamarind)
1 tbsp brown sugar
salt to taste

How to make Beef rendang

1. Put meat, coconut milk and pounded ingredients in a large pot and cook till tender and almost dry.
2. Add the last ingredients and cooked further by stirring occasionally till dry.
3. Serve with rice  or bread.

I used to cook this rendang during festive season and it can also replace with chicken meat or mutton. Notice that I don't use oil to saute the pounded ingredients , because after long boiling the coconut will extract its own oil.

Question from the Chef

“What 's your favourite way to cook with beef?”

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