Chocolate dessert Recipe

Chocolate dessert

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2 bar (450gm) dessert chocolate
2 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp butter-melted
3/4 cup fresh milk
1 tsp cornflour
1 cup hazelnut-grounded
1 cup chocolate chip

ice cream vanilla for topping

How to make Chocolate dessert

1. Mix 3 tbsp of milk to cornflour to dilute. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler.
2. Bring the milk to a boil ,add sugar to  dissolve.  Add cornflour mixture and stir again till smooth.
3.Add chocolate and stir till smooth by adding melted butter to make the shiny look.
4.Spoon hazelnuts into an aluminium cup case and press firmly.
5. Pour chocolate half way of the cup, then drop a few chocolate chips and 5 nuts. Cover again with the chocolate.
6. Chill till firm. Inverted the cup onto a serving plate and top with ice cream.
Question from the Chef

“would you love chocolate dessert?”

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