Jelly rose syrup drink Recipe

Jelly rose syrup drink

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3 tsp unflavoured powdered agar-agar or gelatin
100gm sugar
750ml water
1 pandanus leaf-tied a knot
3 drops of red colouring
3 drops of green colouring
1 tbsp dried basil seeds -(biji selasih)
1 small bottle of rose syrup
1 can evaporated milk

How to make Jelly rose syrup drink

1.Stir the agar-agar and sugar in water over heat until dissolved . Let simmer for 5 mins.
2. Divide mixture into two parts, colour them green and red. chill to harden, Cut with a zid zag knife into smaller pieces.
3. Clean basil seed and soak in water to soften. drain.
4.To serve, place  some jelly in glass with 3 tbsp rose syrup, and 200ml cold water. Add  1/2 tsp of soaked basil seeds. and pour some milk to get the pink colour. Add some ice cubes. Nice for a hot day or for party

you can add glass jelly (cincau)too.
Question from the Chef

“Any idea for party drink or cocktail?”

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