leche flan Recipe

leche flan

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10 egg yolk medium size

1 can 5 fl.oz carnation condensed milk ( medium size )

1 can 12 fl. oz carnation evaporated milk ( large size can )

300 gm granulated white sugar


100 gm raspberry


How to make leche flan


1. In a bowl separate the egg yolk from the white.( keep the white if you want to use it for another recipe).

2.  Add 300 gm granulated white sugar to the egg yolk and mix it well until the sugar is dissolve. I suggest to mix it manaully rather than using the electric mixer. Reason behind, electric mixer produce more bubbles which result to unwanted texture of the finish product.

3.  Then add   5 fl. oz. carnation condensed milk , 12 fl. oz. evaporated milk to the egg yolk mixture. Then mix it well manaully.

4.  Once all the ingredients are mix well, strain thru a fine seive to remove the lumpy bits of eggs and to remove some of the air bubbles created during the mixing process. Then set aside.

5. Then get a steamer and pour enough water to create a steam that will last for 30-45 min which is the cooking time.

5. Meanwhile in a small baking pan, ( size  enough to accomodate all the mixed ingredients ), cover the bottom of the pan with granulated sugar then caramelise it using a blow torch or over the cooker with care. Make sure you DO NOT burn the caramelised sugar or else it will taste bitter. Then set aside when done and let it cool in a cooling rack.

6. Once room temperature, pour the liquid mixture gently  to the pan leaving 1/2 inch from the top. Then place it inside the steamer when steam started to develop. Cover the mixture with grease proof/wax paper to prevent the water droplets getting into the mixture while cooking the let it cookfor 30 - 45 in. Mke sure you cover the steamer during cooking. Check the water level every now and then making sure steamer does not run dry.

7. To check if its cook, get a cocktail wooden stick and stick it in the middl and pull it back. If the stick is clean....then its cook. If the stick is covered with the liquid mixture then more cooking time i needed. The cooking time depends upon the size and depth of the cooking pan you are using.

8. This is an optional sauce. You can make a raspberry compote for decoration. To make the compote, in a sauce pan add 2 cups of water, 100 gm granulated sugar and the raspberry and let it boil for 10 min until the raspberry is soft then remove from fire and blend it. Once blended, strain thru a seive to remove the unwanted seeds and put it back to the pan and boil it further until its slightly thicken. Let it cool and use it as necessary as seen in the picture.

9. Enjoy your cooking.

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