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  • farah

    how many eggs, and is 'thin cut marmalade' same as marmalade.

    on Chocolate cake
  • Calupict

    Looks good. I'll give it a try.

    on Chocolate cake
  • chimp

    Hello! I read a similar way to cooking rice on the bbc recipe site. Same as you, the chef recommends rinsing the rice till clear to get all the starch off. place the rice in a pan with 1.5 times the amount of water, then he recommends boiling it uncovered (this is where it differs from yours) right to the point where u can see craters forming amongst the surface of the rice (this happens when the water boils down to the level of the rice). then immediately take the pan off the heat, use a clean tea towel to cover the top of the pan and placing the lid on (with the towel underneath). then just let it sit for 10 mins, and the rice will have cooked till it is perfectly light and fluffy. you are right, it is much nicer than just boiling rice and you can be sure you never get burnt or dried rice at the bottom of the pan! if i happen to have a clean tea towel lying around i definitely prefer to cook it this way.

    on Perfect rice