Simply Scallop + Rice Medley Recipe

Simply Scallop + Rice Medley

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Made this the other evening for a birthday dinner.

  1. Fresh Digby Scallop
  2. Salt / Pepper / Five Spice Powder
  3. Sesame Oil
  4. Wild Rice Medley from supermarket
  5. Brocolli

How to make Simply Scallop + Rice Medley

This is too easy. You must cut the scallop criss cross but DO NOT cut it all the way through, half way is best but be careful as they are soft. Cutting it criss crossed creates space for the juices to be infused with the tender scallop. Season fresh scallop with sesame oil, a dash of salt and black pepper, a tiny pinch of 5 spice power. Heat pan on medium high, put scallop criss crossed side facing downwards for 2 minutes, turn over and pan fry for another 2 minutes and this will cook it without overcooking it. As for the rice, too elementary cuz I'm sure ya'll know how. Brocolli? Blanch in hot boiling salted water. Dish and serve.

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