Easy All Purpose BBQ'ed chicken Recipe

Easy All Purpose BBQ'ed chicken

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4-5 pounds drumsticks or thighs, skin on
1 tablespoons kosher salt or 1.5 tsp table salt 3 tablespoons brown sugar 2 tablespoons chili powder 2 tablespoons sweet paprika 1
tablespoon freshly ground black pepper
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper (nice n' spicy)

How to make Easy All Purpose BBQ'ed chicken

Mix the dry ingredients to make a rub. Slice 4-5 slits in the skin of each chicken piece, avoiding going into the meat. Apply the rub liberally. Refrigerate in a dish covered in plastic or a plastic bag for 2-24 hrs (the longer the better in my opinion). Soak 2-3 small wood chunks or equivalent amount of chips in water 1 hr before cooking. When ready to cook, light a full chimney of charcoal. When coals are lit bank the coals against one side of the grill. Sear chicken on both sides over hot coals until well browned. Add wood chunks to hot coals and move chicken to other side of grill. Cover grill and smoke for about an hour until chicken is somewhat blackened. If you have overcrowded the coals or have a small grill you may have to rotate the chicken pieces during that time to prevent overcooking. Serve.
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  • swobohe
    swobohe says

    This is a great chicken recipe that works in a couple different ways. The delicious smoke flavor and bold spices make it delicious right off the grill or mixed in some other dish like a smoked chicken macaroni salad. Slicing the chicken skin and the low and slow cooking allow the fat to render so its not flabby and is good cold for lunch or a picnic. And if you use just thighs you can chop it up and mix it with a simple bbq sauce to make a delicious bbq chicken sandwich.

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