Savory Salad Napolean Recipe

Savory Salad Napolean

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1 Avocado(sliced), 1 Heirloom tomatoe(sliced) , 1/2 cucumber(diced), 3 TBS. cilantro, 3TBS. diced Onion, 1 Shredded chicken breast, Fried egg, Chinese onion pancake or Toasted bread, 2 TBS. EVOO, 1/2 Lemon juice, White pepper, Salt

How to make Savory Salad Napolean

Prep: Slice tomatoes, Acocado and sprinkle with a splash of lemon juice, salt and pepper.  Set aside
Fry egg in pan with a little oil, salt pepper.  I like mine over medium.  set aside 
Toast Chinese onion pancake or toast bread.  set aside :) 
Shred Chicken
Dice cucumber, onions and cilantro and toss with Salt, pepper, EVOO and lemon juice
Assemble:Place two slices of tomatoe on a plateThen place your onion pancake or toast on topPlace some shredded chicken, fried eggcucumber salad, another slice of toast or pancake, tomatoe, then avocado on top of the tomatoe then cucumber salad over avacado.  Lastly, I drizzle EVOO all over.  

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