Light English Brunch Recipe

Light English Brunch

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  • an egg
  • a slice of bread
  • mushrooms
  • baked beans

How to make Light English Brunch

Simple recipe for a cute brunch meal with British roots. It's not going to win any awards, but it tastes good.

  1. Cut the crusts off your bread and use a mug to press a hole in the center. Yes, we're about to make "egg in bread".

  2. Put your baked beans on a low heat and stir occasionally.

  3. Add a glug of olive oil and a knob of butter to a griddle pan. When hot, gently lay your slice of bread in and let it fry for a minute until golden on the underside. Flip it over, bring the heat down and crack an egg into the hole.

  4. Chuck a few mushrooms in the pan and squeeze a bit of lemon on them. Let everything cook through (don't turn the egg-bread, just let it cook from underneath).

  5. Garnish with something green - a rosemary sprig or a fried sage leaf would do nicely. Season your egg with a bit of freshly ground salt and pepper.

  • iconsam
    iconsam says

    Damn that looks good. Breakfast food is king.

  • iconsam
    iconsam says

    Probably a good idea to have the egg at room temperature before cooking.

  • dubow
    dubow says

    Can I have swop baked beans for grilled tomatoes?? thanks! :)

  • yongfook
    yongfook says

    no. you will eat baked beans AND ENJOY THEM.

  • JaiLovesCake
    JaiLovesCake says

    ewwww those beans look like natto. damn british people. also the egg is too soft for my taste I LIKE IT WELL DONE. FINE I'LL JUST HAVE SOME TOAST and maybe a mushroom.

  • telliecoin
    telliecoin says

    arrange the beans at the bottom of the toast so it looks like a smiley face. will win you brownie points with grubby little kids.

  • mark
    mark says

    where oh where are you getting beans in tokyo??? please tell. it looks amazing

  • yongfook
    yongfook says

    actually the baked beans were given to me as a present! however I'm sure they will have them at decent international supermarkets such as meidiya.

  • shards
    shards says

    I loved the presentation of this one...

  • Squishy
    Squishy says

    You are a really talented man. I am extremely impressed with all of your recipes. You obviously have a passion for cooking and I applaud you.

  • MeltingWok
    MeltingWok says

    Hey yong, my BBQ pork is in !! shrug..haven't had baked beans for years :P Oo..egg in bread, p-r-e-e-t-y !! :)

  • wokkingmum
    wokkingmum says

    I have a similar recipe but it just egg in toast. Yours look a lot more lovely!

  • mEi
    mEi says

    i love the egg in toast part...but not so much baked bean part...even as a new zealander who suppose to pride ourselves with baked beans.... they taste...funny.............

  • ilyana
    ilyana says

    Egg in bread?! Where have I been all my life?

  • extrarice
    extrarice says

    breakfast food forever!

  • ishyJ
    ishyJ says

    Yum! Have been making these for a while... nephew has been asking for it for breakfast and dinner since introduced to it! But baked beans with egg and toast - hubbies gonna live on it for weeks! Thanks for the idea :)

  • mferng
    mferng says

    telliecoin, brilliant idea!! Just looking at the smiley face would make my morning :)

  • originaloflaura
    originaloflaura says

    Gotta love brunch! Quebeckers also love their baked beans, though I don't think they tend to do the egg in bread. The mushrooms are a great touch, though I think I would use a different kind of bread. Rye?

  • corrinnej
    corrinnej says

    Yum! Love some brunch!

  • YHHIndonesia92
    YHHIndonesia92 says

    yum-o! i'm so trying this tomorrow :D

  • redwood5
    redwood5 says

    it looks really nice, but I don't know why you would use olive oil...I don't want olive oil flavored toast.

  • dickdeleeuw
    dickdeleeuw says

    looks so good!

  • Erikw
    Erikw says

    Insane!? I have to try this out.

  • ipeksiti
    ipeksiti says

    Tried and Loved it. Its a good way to trick the kids into eating the toast to get to the egg ! Brilliant idea ! Thanks Yongfook...

  • supaninjashroom
    supaninjashroom says

    Im suppose to convert myself into a vegan x) but seeing this makes me want to cook some eggs xD i guess i'll just opt for the organic and free range types :P

  • merockyousnow
    merockyousnow says

    Every appetizing recipe which my boyfriend and I click on always brings us back to you. Great job & thanks! :)

  • Stevecolejnr
    Stevecolejnr says

    I just made this and I'm loving it! As a Brit obviously egg on toast is a favourite of mine. This makes breakfast so quick and simple. Wash it down with some tea and I'm set for the day! Cheers buddy.

  • junhanl
    junhanl says

    Yeah dude yongfuk, u the man! this loks really good.

  • alanballjr
    alanballjr says

    That looks a lot like my dad. I sent him the picture. I'll try the recipe too. Don't worry.

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